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Mabel & Yoshimi - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Cat

Adopted from Harbor Humane Society, West Olive, MI.

My husband has always been a cat person, & when we started dating years ago, he had 3 cats, & I had a dog. Unfortunately all of our pets were pretty old, & they've since all passed away. We got a dog from a local shelter just over 2 years ago & she has been such a great addition to our home. The last 2 of my husband's cats passed away in April of this year, so we just had our dog & the house seemed a bit empty. A friend of mine volunteers a lot at Harbor Humane, & I have been out there before with her. I felt compelled to help the shelter as they have to do so much with so little, & I also felt my husband would be happy with a cat around. I started looking at their pets & found a total of five for us to meet. We weren't sure if we would get one or two, & my husband wasn't even sure he was ready. When we got there, only 2 of the cats were still available, Marie (now Mabel) & Ruby (now Yoshimi). It was instant love for both of us, & our dog too, whom we brought along to make sure it was a good fit. They have been a wonderful addition to our home. Everyone gets along great, & our home feels complete again! Thank you for helping us find these new friends!

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