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Adopted from SPCA of Upstate New York, Queensbury, NY.

After our last dog passed away we were without a dog for about a year and a half, the longest Ive ever been without a canine friend. I had only ever had purebred dogs and was a little apprehensive about a shelter pet, that old adage that you are adopting someone elses problem. Starting out on Petfinder I didn't have a specific breed in mind, just a dog young enough and energetic enough to keep up with our busy family. When I saw Mini's face in the photo, I decided to go to the SPCA to find out more about her. I was shown to a room and when the shelter attendant brought her in it was love at first sight. She was an entirely rambunctious six-month-old Shepherd mix, devoid of any manners but so bright and outgoing. I was told that because she was a little, well a lot, hyper that other families had decided against her but I knew that this was the dog that could play endless fetch with our son, hike with me on Adirondack trails, and be a fully engaged member of the family. We brought her home a few days after thanksgiving 2011 and she has grown into a beautiful confidant dog, a genuine pleasure. I want to thank Petfinder and Upstate SPCA for providing the service that brought our MIni to us!

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