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Adopted Dog

Adopted from Humane Society, Ruidoso, NM.

My name is Sadie.

This is my family – Daddy, Mama, brother dog Booka, brother cat Tippy, and brother cat Sidney.

We love to do fun things like go for rides and walks, and we go lots of fun places, like big green parks and stores that sell pet food.

A long time ago I had a different home, and then I didn’t have one at all. Once I was a very sad, scared little puppy. This is my story.

Not so long ago, I was a stray. I wandered through the streets, my shiny black nose twitching, stopping every now and then to sniff the air. I was hungry and hoped to catch a whiff of some dinner nearby.

As I tick-tick-tick-ticked down the dark street, I thought of the house I had left behind.

Most of the time I had stayed outside by myself. The best part of the day was when the little girl in the pink jacket would bring me the red plastic dish of crunchy food. She would set the bowl down and say “here you go, puppy,” and then scratch me on the head. But then she would go back in the house and I would be alone again. There were no other dogs or animals and mostly I was bored.

BUT THEN…one very exciting day we all went for a long ride to a big park with lots of trees. As soon as the door opened, I jumped from the dark green car and ran as fast as I could into the forest, so happy to be on an adventure!

I ran and ran, exploring everywhere! I chased every creature, sniffed every flower, circled every tree, and climbed on every rock. After all that running, I felt a little tired and a lot thirsty, so headed back for some water and to see about dinner.

I tried to go back the direction I had come, but nothing looked familiar and I couldn’t see the park anymore. After walking around for a very, very, very long time, I finally found the park. But I didn’t see the dark green car. I didn’t see my people. They were gone.

Like a good dog, I sat and waited. And waited. And waited some more. But my people didn’t come back and it was starting to get dark. My nose could smell leftover sandwich crusts up on the picnic table, and my tummy really wanted to have them, so I very carefully climbed up on the table and gobbled up the scraps.

Sleepy…so sleepy. I found a pile of leaves under a tree, curled up like a donut, and fell asleep hoping I could see my people when I woke up.

Birds singing? Trees? My eyes opened slowly and I remembered where I was. I looked around, but my people hadn’t come back. Maybe they couldn’t! Maybe something happened to them to keep them from coming back, or maybe they got lost looking for me. Maybe they needed me! I made up my mind to go find them!

Tick-tick-tick-tick down the road I went, going back to where we had come from. For miles and miles and days and days I walked and walked and walked. Sometimes I would see dark green cars, but none ever stopped. Sniffing around trash cans and other containers would tell me if there was anything good for dinner inside. It seemed like I was always hungry and always tired. I kept my eyes out for my people, always looking this way and that, but I was beginning to give up hope that I would ever see them again.

BUT THEN, one day as I was tick-tick-tick-ticking my way down the street, I turned a corner right into a man in a blue uniform with a big long stick! It had a loop on the end of it and before I could turn and run away, he slipped the loop over my head and around my neck! He led me over to a truck, scooped me up into a box and slammed the door.

There were little windows in my box, and on both sides of me I could see other puppies that had been scooped into the truck. We looked at each other through the tiny windows.

“Where are we going?” I asked. “What’s going on?”

An older dog, a brown and gray one with long floppy ears, said in a deep, quiet voice, “We’re going to The Cages. I’ve been there many, many times.”

We got to The Cages and they were FULL of other dogs! Most of them were barking, some of them were sleeping or eating, but mostly it was a lot of noise. The Old Dog went into the cage next to mine and told me this is where we would stay until our people came to get us. I was very excited! My people were coming to get me!

I waited patiently for a long time, watching and watching for my people to come, but they didn’t. I wasn’t even sure if they knew where to look for me, and after a while I had seen so many come and go that I forgot what they even looked like.

The workers at The Cages were very nice. They fed us twice a day and sometimes talked to us. Some of them would pet us, and one girl would sing as she walked from cage to cage, taking care of us. She said she would take us all home with her if she could.

BUT THEN, one day we woke to great excitement – it was Adoption Day! This was the day that new people who wanted pets would come to The Cages and maybe some of us would leave and go to a home. Everyone wanted to go home with new people – they were called families.

I was very excited and very nervous. What would they be like, a family? Would they want to keep me? Would there be other dogs? Would they play with me? Would they like me? Would I have a yard?

I did my best to keep a smile on my face and keep my tail wagging. I was pretty sure a new family would want a happy dog. “Bounce, smile, wag…bounce, smile, wag!” I kept thinking to myself.

All day people kept walking by: big ones, little ones, happy ones, grumpy ones, some who made noise and some who smelled funny. Some would stop and talk to me or make “awwwww” noises. Some just looked at me and walked by.

BUT THEN, a nice man with a hat and a lady wearing purple stopped and got me out of the cage! They scratched my head and shook my paw. “How cute you are!” said the lady, “Very pretty! I love the brown spot around her eye.” said the man.

I had a nice time with the happy couple and thought for sure I was going to a new home. But then I got put back in the cage and they walked away.

I was so sad. And by this time, all the other people had gone. I wasn’t going to have a family after all. In the corner of the cage, I curled up and tried not to be disappointed.

BUT THEN, I saw the Hat Man and the Purple Lady come back towards my cage. “She’s the one we want,” they told the singing cage worker. I was going to have a new home!

The cage door opened and I ran out to my new daddy and mama. My tail was wagging so hard I couldn’t stand still! I tried to show them how happy I was with a big smile and lots of kisses. “We’re going to call you Sadie,” said the lady. “Now let’s go home.”

They put a leash on me and walked me out to the truck, where I met my new brother dog Booka, and we headed for home. HOME.

Now I live in a pretty house with a nice daddy and mama, my brother dog Booka and my brother cats Tippy and Sidney. I have yummy food, a big backyard to run around and play in, a warm cozy bed, and more happiness and fun than I ever dreamed of!

My name is Sadie, and that is my story.

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