Madeline - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Cat

Adopted from MSPCA Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center, Boston, MA.

For years I had been in living situations with other people's cats. I would get attached to their cats and then they would move and I would be heartbroken.

Finally, this year, I ventured out on my own and it was time to get my own cat. For weeks and weeks I searched for the right cat through Petfinder.

After "pawing" through so many ads, I found Madeline (originally Molly). She was a beautiful Tortie cat but there wasn't any other info. I immediately went to the shelter to find her and hear her story.

She was found wandering in the city and a kind stranger brought her to the MSPCA. Her fur was well groomed and her paws were not rough so they assumed her to be a tagless house cat. Trouble was, she was also pregnant! Two days later she gave birth to four kittens. She remained in foster care for two months and when no one claimed her she was put up for adoption. Six days after she was placed on the adoption floor, I signed her paperwork.

She was spayed, and came home with a kitty cold, however I feel that we formed a strong bond as I had to medically care for her for the first 10 days.

Now she is constantly by my side, weaving in and out of my legs, nudging my face with hers to wake me up, or lounging in her sunny window canopy.

She makes me so happy and I thank Petfinder for helping me find her!

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