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Rosie - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from Animal Adoption Center, Lindenwold, NJ.

I have never had a dog in my whole life and I was 56 when I adopted Rosie from the Lindenwold, NJ Animal Shelter.

Something told me to go to the shelter that day. I went right to Rosie and said, I want that dog.

A couple of days later I took her home and we have been best friends ever since. I could never understand "dog people." But I understand now. Dogs are the best and Rosie is one of the best.

I often wonder why the person who took her to the shelter would do that.

Rosie loves everyone and doesn't have a mean bone in her little body. She loves her belly rubbed and, of course, she loves treats.

Rosie is a wonderful companion. I love her and dread the day that I may lose her.


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