Lameeko - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Cat

Adopted from Our Lil Bit of Heaven Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, Poland, IN.

It all started when I wanted a kitten. We had two other cats but got them as young adults, and I had missed out on that kitten stage. And if I could get a blue eyed kitten, even better! Luckily I found Petfinder or I would have never found a blue eyed kitten with a personality to match our other two, all on my own. Finally, after searching your site for a few weeks, there he was. Beautiful seal point "Siamese" kitten. He was a mix, it said, and So cute. My husband was won over with the picture too. Only problem was, he was 3 hours away in the middle of nowhere! We made the trek, and picked him up only to find him very dirty, living in a house with no air conditioning (on a 95 degree day) and he might have had a few fleas. The rescue took care of his basic needs but was still in need of some TLC. Once we washed him up and put him in air conditioning, he was clearly at ease with his new life. He grew into a pretty, affectionate and smart cat. But to this day he refuses to go outside, when our other cats are always trying to run out. Knowing how is first 6 weeks of life were, I can't blame him!

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