Tahoe - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from North Country Animal League, Morrisville, VT.

I had decided I want, NEEDED a dog. I loved my cat, but I couldn't take her out anywhere. My husband and I work opposite shifts so I tended to be alone quite a bit. So I scoured petfinder for dogs I thought would fit with me. Two of them fell through, the first because a second test proved they weren't cat safe, and the second was adopted before I could meet them.

So I changed tactics, and told the second shelter to go ahead and finish my application, and then I would go there and see if anyone clicked.

There weren't many dogs at the time, and of my choices wasn't cat safe. So I asked to see Tahoe. I was warned he was VERY shy, but I figured it couldn't hurt. I had driven 2 hours to adopt a dog, had had a miserable week, and I wasn't about to turn one away because he was shy!

Poor Tahoe, a catahoula leopard/lab mix was terrified of me. His handler pleaded his case, wanting SOMEONE to see that he was more than what he seemed. When treats failed, and his handler seemed the least bit upset that he wasn't warming up I suggested leaving him and I alone for awhile to see if we could work it out ourselves. So for an hour it was just me and him.

I scooted closer, and talked softly at a snail's pace. I could see he was having as bad of a day as I had of a week! All he needed was some patience, and I could relate. An hour later, he let me put his leash on, and lead him outside. All the sudden he was a different dog. He tugged me around, and was a little more cheerful. I decided he was the one for me!

So I took him back in, and gave a thumbs up to the girl who became super excited that the gentle boy was being adopted. She fairly flew through the hallways multiple times gather paperwork, and approvals!

We thought he'd be an issue getting in my Dad's truck but he just stepped right up and sat down in the seat as if to say "Finally!"

He warmed up to my mother quick, and very quickly became a completely different dog. He was excited, his tail wagging, a bit too nosy with the cats, and anxious to sniff every square inch of his new home and yard.

Yesterday he spent time bonding with my husband (and I think they're going to get on just fine). He's still a work in progress, but he's exactly what I need already. When I was upset, he gave me kisses. When I was sitting too long he pulled me out the door, and he never leaves my side.

I can't thank NCAL enough for encouraging me not to give up on him, or for their AMAZING customer service and their contributions to these animals and their community.

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