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Adopted Dog

Adopted from Heidi's Legacy: Dog Rescue, Inc., Lithia, FL.

Rocko, my 2-year-old Carolina Dog, has been an absolute joy to have in my life!

In September 2012, I had been working as a full-time vet tech, and was about to start nursing school in a month. On top of that, I had two cats, a leopard gecko, and a snake to care for. As badly as I wanted one, I knew that a dog would only add to my stress. Despite this, I constantly searched Petfinder page after page just in case I ever found the right dog just for me.

That day had finally arrived. After about twenty pages in, I saw him. A frightened-looking Carolina Dog named Clyde. I knew he was the one! I had to meet him! With much research done and some convincing of my boyfriend, we finally made the drive to go visit the soon-to-be-Rocko.

Everything worked out perfectly! He was fixed, potty-trained, and quiet. It was too good to be true! He was, however, very frightened of people, due to lack of socialization as a puppy. I knew I could work with him!

Today, Rocko is still nervous around people, but has bonded with me like no other animal has before. He has come such a long way from where he was! I am so thankful to have made the decision to adopt Rocko. He is my best friend, and a wonderful part of my loving pet family!

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