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Adopted from Critter Corral .

Princess found her forever home on Dec 1, 2012. Seeing her evolve into her true self has been interesting and exciting. Her first few days at home she was very timid and hesitant to come out of her pigloo. I know she was wondering who these people gawking at her were. A couple weeks later, she evolved into a brand new girl! She is now our favorite pig! With a larger than life personality, she welcomes us home with squeaks and stands up against the side of her cage to get attention. She absolutely loves chin rubs and is starting to like being pet on her back. She enjoys lap time and will relax and roll to her side to settle in for cuddles. Her favorite activity is eating salads. She knows exactly when it's salad time and will wheek loudly for her food. She's even taught the other pigs to do the same. After adopting two more young pigs, Sugar and Pepper, from Critter Corral we expanded the cage. Princess popcorned like crazy and now we'll see her running laps. We are thrilled to have her, and our other adopted pigs too. Who would have thought this sweet scared pig would become such a fun loving joy!

Adopting her from Critter Corral has been a rewarding experience. They make it very easy and the adoption fee is less than it costs to "buy" a pet store animal. Plus, knowledgeable and experienced pig owners can help you select the right pet. You also benefit with an easier transition, coming from a loving foster home with proper care and less risk of unknown medical issues. To me, the best part is for every pig you rescue you are saving two lives -- the one you adopt and the one that takes its place.

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