Jenga (aka "Sunny") - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from Sierra's Haven For New and Used Pets, Portsmouth, OH.

Our Jenga was brought to Sierra's Haven Rescue by a good samaritan. She had been found wandering on a country road,severely emaciated and suffering from mange, and flea & tick infestation.

However, we were unaware of this story when we saw her for the first time.

What we knew was this: we were only going to adopt the dog that chose us; NOT us doing the picking.

When we stood in front of her fenced kennel run, she calmly walked over to us ~carrying in her mouth her most prized possession : a rawhide chew treat, which she dropped on the ground beside our feet!

Our search was over~We had been chosen! After we were made aware of her story & how she hoarded food it was even more of an affirmation to us that this precious creation of God's had been willing to share her food with her new pack.

We have had her for 6 days and she is a blessing & joy. She sits for her leash to be put on; She sits for her food-I can pet her while she is eating & put my hand in her dish. She is housebroken & gets her leash when she has to go out!

Please take a chance on an adult shelter animal. Also, please don't think that animals that are in "No Kill" facilities are "just fine cause they're not going to be PTS". Animals in every shelter and every foster care deserve to have their own family and forever home.

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