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Adopted from Biscuit Foundation, Haw River, NC.

Senior pets whose owners have passed are to often surrender to a shelter by family members who cannot care for them. Many of these pets are in good health and have been someone’s faithful companion. We all hope in our senior years we can rely on a place to live out our lives in peace and dignity. The truth is, there is no safe haven for senior pets and many may face possible euthanasia.

Little Girl was a pet that found herself in this situation. She was a 13-year-old Pomeranian mix had been a loving companion to an older lady. Upon her owners passing, she went from a safe, secure life to an unsure future. The Biscuit Foundation was contacted and informed of the dilemma Little Girl was now facing. She had gone from being in a loving home to entering an over crowded shelter in one day. We couldn’t let her life end like that so we quickly stepped in to help. She was the sweeties most loving little dog ever. I can never understand how someone can take

Little Girl will have all the love and care her need to live out the rest of her live knowing she will never be alone again.

Little Girl passed away from old age this year in April after having her for 2 years. She brought a lot of joy into my life even though I only had her for a short time. She was loved and never alone.

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