Mr. Swanson - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Bird

Adopted from Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, Indian Trail, NC.

One morning this summer I woke up to find a beautiful swan swimming on our lake. I contacted Carolina Waterfowl Rescue (CWR) for advice and learned how to care for our "new neighbor." After six months she was still with us, so it was apparent she was here to stay!

I learned that swans mate for life, so I was concerned she was lonely -- other than visiting mallards and geese, she had been all alone. I started thinking about how I could find her a partner.

Since I was already familiar with CWR, I was thrilled when the group came up on a search. I immediately reached out to inquire about the adoption process and obtained approvals from the other homeowners on our private lake. CWR determined that my swan was a female, and they were able to choose a suitable male.

In December, with fingers crossed, we released him into our lake. She immediately saw him and came over but kept her distance. He started to explore his new surroundings. We understand he had been raised at the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, so he was thrilled to have such a new large lake. He immediately went from one end to the other, and she followed about five yards behind. It took about 20 minutes for him to stop and pay attention to her, but it was clearly a match made in heaven. They have been inseparable ever since! I call them "The Swansons"!

It's so beautiful to look out and see the two of them cruising around together -- my family said this year for Christmas I got "Two-Swans-A-Swimming!"

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