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Maxx - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from a home 4 spot, Las Vegas, NV.

It's almost our one year anniversary together. A little over a year ago I started searching for a dog and began browsing As soon as I saw him (Maxx) he melted my heart. Beautiful blue eyes and a regal look about him. There were obstacles we at to get through of course but they made it that much more worth it. I originally lived in a condo and the foster mom didn't think it would be ideal for Maxx. I was a bit bummed then I persisted just for a trial period. Once we crossed that hurdle and were finally getting comfy the condo where I lived sent me a letter saying I was in violation of the pet weight restriction. By now I'm beyond attached, Maxx is going to work with me everyday and just about everywhere else with me. So now I'm forced to either move or give Maxx back. Because I was so angry and frustrated I took Maxx to the foster mom. I could barely last one day without him and the next day I was at her door getting my dog back. We now live a nice home with a yard for him to play when we are not a work on vacationing in San Diego. Maxx is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me and I cannot imagine life without him. For our one year anniversary he may get a brother or sister. Maybe......

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