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Adopted from Rescue Express, Media, PA.

On Sept.12, 2010, I hopped onto Petfinder, not knowing really why since we already had three dogs of our own and were currently fostering for another rescue. I typed in our zip code and "senior dog." The saddest photo of a senior Boxer girl named Stella in [an open admission] shelter in Georgia came up. Without a moment's hesitation I emailed the rescue that posted her and offered to foster her. She arrived on a transport the following week. She looked far worse than I could have imagined. She was terribly underweight and most likely hadn't been bathed in sometime. She hopped into my car and sat on the seat next to my son. We got her home, fixed her a good meal and tucked her into a warm bed. The next morning I saw her sitting on my son's bed looking so content and safe. It was at that moment I knew she had found her forever home here with us. Bella, as she is now known, is most likely between 11-13 years old. She now weighs 57 lbs. (she was 32 lbs. when we rescued her!). We found out shortly after adopting her she suffers from cardiomyopathy. She's doing great on her meds so far and sees her cardiologist yearly. She also suffers from moderate spinal and cervical arthritis. She loved going to physical therapy, so we learned how to perform the massages at home. Yes, Bella is a senior and yes she has medical issues. We don't know how long we'll have her in our lives, but what she has given our family in return will last a lifetime. My hope is that anyone reading this will consider adopting a senior pet. They have so much to teach us along with our other pets in the home. Bella is living proof of that.

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