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Adopted from Pets Miracle Network, Wright, KS.

We have a 16-year-old Maltese who has a great demeanor. Before he goes to Doggie Heaven, we wanted to get another Maltese to learn from him. We found Toto (aka Effie named by Pets Miracle Rescue), a young female Maltese/Chihuahua mix, that has fit into our home and family perfectly. It was my first rescue adoption; I got my Maltese from breeders in the past. Working with Monica from Pets Miracle was stressful. She was very thorough and checked out everything. I was scared we weren't going to get to adopt her, but finally Monica said yes, and we were on our way to get her. We had to drive about five hours to Kansas in the windy storms (that's why we called her Toto). Her rescue home was filled with all types of dogs. She got to be let out and roam freely with the staff. We were so excited to get her. She travels well, she adapted well with our other dog and two cats. They all have their own beds, so when we purchased Toto's bed, she rolled and dug and jumped in and out of her bed. She was so excited to have her own bed. She has been a great joy to us and others. She is so cute and what a great personality. We travel and ride motorcycles, and both dogs love to go bye-bye with us. I purchased a doggie crate for motorcycles and got them both doggie goggles (called Doggles). Toto's is pink cause she's our girly-girl. She loves to go riding with us. She's been the best dog ever, and we have not had any problems physically, healthwise, or emotionally with Toto. She has adapted to her new home great. She is very happy and loves her new family.

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