Angel and Sophie - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from Country Acres Rescue, Manchester, MO.

We found Angel while looking for a companion for our 11 year-old schnauzer, Mesa, not knowing that she had a lung cancer. Before we could adopt we discovered her condition and made her short time left the best we possibly could. After getting over the shock of losing our amazing sweet dog we went to see five-year-old Angel. She is a salt-and-pepper miniature schnauzer. She had been on Petfinder for several weeks at this point. We adopted her right away and then found out she had a housemate that wasn't on Petfinder yet because she had a litter of new puppies. Two months later we adopted Sophie too! Sophie is a three-year-old parti-colored miniature schnauzer. We are so happy to have found our Angel to help us through a tough Holiday season. Her funny faces, opinions and entitled personality brought so much joy to our home again. When Sophie arrived we were even happier to spend time getting the two re-aquanted as we got to know their unique personalities. Sophie is a sweet loving gentle soul that just wants to please. They both have a great time playing in the yard, wresting over toys and going for lots of walks. They both instantly took to us and were part of the family immediately. Even our two cats were very tolerant of the young Sophie who often steps on them or licks their faces. On a good night we can all be found in front of the TV sitting on the couch, one dog on each side of my lap, one cat on my lap, and one cat on the back of the couch behind my head. If I am not there they do the same with my husband. :)

Thank you Petfinder for helping us through our sudden loss and to give a fantastic home to two adult dogs in need!

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