Teddy - A Petfinder Happy Tail

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Adopted from Hillsborough County Animal Services, Tampa, FL.

I had been looking for a Westie for several months as my two had gone to Rainbow Bridge and I missed having one.One evening I was driving home from my night job working for a minor league baseball team, when I saw sign in front of a church that said something about when one door closes, another opens. I asked God "When?" The next morning I was checking out the Westies on Petfinder when I spotted Teddy. As soon as I saw he was 9 years old, very sickly looking and at a county (kill) shelter I knew I had to save him. I called my boss who is a dog lover and she said to go. I went over there, but he was so sick they could not let me see him. One of the workers took photos with his cell phone to show me the dog. I was told I could put my name in but the previous owner was under investigation and since I lived in the next county over I might not get first choice at adopting him. About 10 - 14 days later, I got the call that he was ready to be adopted and no one else had applied so I could come and meet him and see about adopting him. My husband and I fell in love with Teddy. He was so beaten down and sick he barely looked at us. I lifted his chin and I could see potential in those sad little eyes. We were set to get him the following Tuesday, but then my husband found out he might be laid off. I was scared but knew I was meant to save Teddy's life. I finally got a hold of Westie Rescue and they got him out and asked me to foster him. We have had Teddy for over a year and he is a far cry from the sick little boy who came to us. He had a skin disease called maleszia - almost no hair, skin black and a bad smell as well as yeast infections in both ears and a respiratory infection. He was half starved with his ribs showing and rotten teeth. He's had teeth extracted and the ones left cleaned. He has had a cyst removed from his tail. He now has hair again and looks like a Westie. With a proper healthy diet, he has gained weight. He has grown to be a Mommy's boy and follows me everywhere. I love him very much and other than eating, he loves nothing better than cuddling with me.

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