Sawyer - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from Miami County Animal Shelter, Troy, OH.

We had a golden for 11 years who was diagnosed with an auto immune disease and we were devastated. We took her to specialists to help her but with age not on her side, time was also not on her side. We knew we wanted another dog to help ease the blow of when our beloved Silence would be gone and turned to Petfinder knowing we wanted to rescue. We searched for several months and some dogs sparked our interest but then we say Rigsby's picture and couldn't resist. I immediately called the shelter and asked many questions and they told me we could come visit him. We skipped preschool with the kids and drove up to meet him. When he came out his tail was wagging a mile a minute and was so happy to see us. He was emaciated and had several cuts on his legs. He couldn't stop licking the kids and rubbing up against him like he was a cat. We all fell in love and brought him home and renamed him Sawyer. He is such a wonderful dog and really loves his family. From the very first night he has slept with my oldest daughter in her bed and sometimes we can't find her because she has a golden blanket covering her. Some nights he will even put himself to bed when his day is done and when we can't find him, he usually is already in bed sleeping. We think he had possibly been mistreated before us because of several fears he has, but that just makes us love him more. The fact that anyone could be mean to such a loving , gentle soul is beyond us, but the fact that he is still so trusting and loving of everyone he meets is amazing. We are so happy that we took the time to search through Petfinder and will one day find a playmate for him on Petfinder as well.

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