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Adopted Dog

Adopted from Animal Farm Foundation, Inc., Bangall, NY.

I never had a dog of my own, to be honest, I never really felt ready for the responsibility. My husband JR always had dogs, I had cats, cats are easy. We had some talks about rescuing a dog and started looking on petfinder. We fell in love on every page. We narrowed our search down to pit bulls -- we knew that the breed was in so much need for families, we wanted to help. JR came across Animal Farm Foundation online, and we decided to check them out. We set up a "meet and greet" with some potential housemates for us and our cats. We intended on adopting two dogs, one at a time, obviously our choice had to be good with cats and other dogs.

Patton was the first boy we met, he barreled in the room like a tornado on fire, leapt right on top of us both and immediately started licking our faces and climbing on our laps. Personally I was overwhelmed; he was a big strong boy, with obviously a lot of love to give, but I wasn't sure I could handle him. We vetted some others, boys and girls. My husband really loved Patton. I was still unsure that I could handle such a strong energetic dog. I came back alone and took him on a few walks, just to get to know him better. He is so handsome, how could I not love him? We put in our application; some other people were interested as well. We waited. The shelter called and gave us the good news: Patton was coming home. We have a big house with a big yard; he loved it. The cats? They scared the pants off of him, pretty amusing actually to see a big strong dog tuck his tail and run from a little cat. As stated before, being a cat person, I had "house rules" for him, things such as, not lying on the couch, not sleeping on the bed...that didn't last long. All sides softened, including me, now we all sleep together in the same bed, yes, me, my husband, Patton, and the cats. Wherever we go, people love him, other dogs love him, we couldn't have asked for a better companion, he is the sweetest most loving dog I have met, he wants nothing more than to lie on your lap, play with a rope toy, and sleep in the bed. Patton is actually lying on top of my lap as I type this. We adopted a little brother for him..Ruud..a pit mix, (also from Petfinder) they are getting along great, he is a "jr general" in training.

At this moment we have three dogs (Patton, Ruud, and Maggie --all from Petfinder) and four cats (two older -- Petfinder finds!) and two kittens we recently found abandoned in the woods nearby. The kittens actually sleep with the dogs; two little girls have two big strong brothers to keep them warm. We all couldn't be happier.

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