Roxy - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Cat

Adopted from Independence Animal Control Shelter, Independence, OH.

This is my second Happy Tail submission in two years, thanks to! Actually, there have been many happy tails over our years of cat ownership. My husband and I have been the "parents" of 6 cats over 20 years of being owned by cats. :-)

Our current oldest cat, Cleo, 17, is slowly fading away. We love her so. She spent four years of her life comforting nursing home residents. Now, in her "retirement" she has comfy, sunny spots to nap, a screened porch to watch the critters and lots and lots of love. Two years ago we adopted a scared, shy little cat from to join our family. Her name is Pinky and she ADORES Cleo. Our other cat, Kitty, is less cat oriented. She thinks she is human, I believe. With Cleo starting to show signs of reaching the end to her long, loving life, I worried that Pinky would be left without her cat best friend. After much deliberation, we decided to bring a fourth cat into our home, hoping she would bond with young Pinky. So, this past Saturday we brought Roxy home from Independence Animal Control shelter. What a loving little girl! And I mean little. Roxy is about the size of a 6 month old kitten. This tiny girl raised her four kittens in a woodpile and at the shelter provided nurturing to other foster kittens. Now, she joins Cleo, Kitty and Pinky and my husband and me. And she will get the love, attention, good veterinary care, fun and cuddles every animal deserves. Because of, Roxy was the lucky winner of the feline lottery - and she will never be cold, lonely or hungry again. We love this little girl already. Our cats are starting to interact with her and we have another Happy Tail. The folks at the Independence Animal Control Shelter were SO wonderful. Our little girl was there almost a year, often passed by for the young kittens and the more exotic looking cats. This little grey tabby was meant to be with us, and Monica and the others at Independence Animal Control gave her a great place to wait for her furever family to find her. Thank you Petfinder. com and Independence Animal Control!

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