Jack - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Dog

Adopted from Partners For Pets, Troy, IL.

My family had been looking for a dog to become a new family member and be a buddy for our other dog, a Pomeranian. I checked on Petfinder frequently and eventually came across Jack's profile. The shelter had been calling him Poppy at the time. He had been rescued by Partners for Pets from animal control on his last day, with no information except that his previous owner had left him there. I watched him on petfinder for a few days until a friend of mine asked me to donate some cat beds to the shelter for her. I drove down to the shelter to drop off the cat beds and saw that Jack was in one of the outside enclosures. I decided, why not? And asked if I could meet him. He was a very shy little boy but after sitting with him for some time in front of the shelter, he started to climb up into my lap. After I went home, I told my parents about him and we decided to pick him up the next day for a trial period. Jack rested easy in my lap on the way home, but once we arrived at our house his nervousness came back out. He paced around the house alot and jumped at noises. He didn't come to anyone except me. My family has been so great with working with him, rewarding him with treats whenever he approaches them. After just a couple weeks he had calmed down enough for his personality to really come out. Turns out he was more of a puppy then we realized! He loves to run, jump, and get all of the toys out of the dog toy basket. Since he settled in so well, we decided to adopt him, and he's become a fun addition to the family! Thank you Petfinder and partners for pets!

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