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BB - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted Cat

Adopted from At-Risk Animals Rescue & Rehab, Hiawatha, IA.

My girlfriend at the time (who became my wife) got me a cage, some cat toys, litter box, and other cat essentials for Christmas in 2007. The obvious implication was that I would get a cat, which I had mentioned wanting for some time.

We have adopted two dogs off of Petfinder, so naturally I was looking for cats in the area to adopt on the site. I came across BB's picture and story, and my heart melted. Her name comes from what they thought were BBs in her body, which, in fact, happened to be .22-caliber bullets. From what I was told, there were bullets removed from her stomach when she was spayed after coming to the shelter, and she has a bullet in her neck that you can still feel to this day (causes no harm, though).

What was not in the Petfinder profile, however, was that she also had a respiratory infection that almost killed her, and likely would have had she not made it to the shelter when she did. Also, in a subsequent visit to the vet, it was discovered that she also has remnants of a bullet in her knee. How she survived all of this is beyond me.

She is an absolutely perfect cat. She loves dogs, and we are practically convinced that she wants to be one. She has loved all three dogs that she has ever lived with, and will snuggle right up next to all of them. She is incredibly friendly, and often I will wake up with a mouthful of purring fur as she will lie, curled-up, with her back/neck right in my face.

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