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Dudley - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Dudley, a dog
Adopted from Puget Sound Rescue, Kent, WA

Dudley - posted 01/26/2007

From Dawn of Sammamish, WA

Dudley came in to our lives a little over a year ago. It was truly meant to be. We were not looking for a dog, I was recovering from some major surgery and was bored during the night and started checking out Within a few minutes Dudley jumped out at me. I showed it to my 7 year old and 3 year old and be the next morning we had ganged up on dad to at least meet the dog that had been lost in Oregon but had found his way to a foster home near us. When we met him it was love at first sight, we surprised our daughter at the bus stop and ever since he has been my constant shadow. I lost my dad suddenly this year and have been suffering. I feel like Dudley has held our family together. Because you can't be sad when a cute dog like him just loves you so much he can't stand to be in a different room without you. Plus, he brought my kids together in their love for him, he brokered a truce between them when he lets them swing him in the baby swing.

Dawn McCutcheon

Sammamish, WA

Puget Sound Rescue

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