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Teddy - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Teddy, a dog
Adopted from Homeward Bound Rescue of NJ, Hamilton, NJ

Teddy - posted 08/02/2006

From Kristen of Voorhees, NJ

Our story started out as the scenario for many American families. A father, a mother, and two children. I had always complained that I wanted a dog, much like many children do. However, my parents divorced when I was 4, and all hopes of getting a dog were lost. Whenever I would ask, my mother would complain that she would end up taking care of the dog, and that my younger brother, Kevin, and I were not old enough to handle the responsibilities of another living thing in the house.

Many arguments, fits, and years later, my mother called me while I was out with a friend. She asked if I still wanted that dog I had always begged for. I suddenly got excited and squealed into the phone, and rushed home. She explained that she was looking on for small, middle aged dogs, but she seemed to be stuck on one dog, Teddy. I asked her why she decided she wanted to get a dog now, I am 19, and my younger brother is just shy of 16. She told me that since she is now retired, and that we are older, we can all share equal responsibility in caring for a dog. She showed me a picture of Teddy, and raved about his big brown eyes. She told me that she knew he was the one.

Our family waited anxiously for days, to hear news about Teddy, the cutest little malti-poo. We found out that we would be able to meet him at PetSmart on a Sunday morning. Teddy and my mom had an instant bond. He kissed her hand as if he knew she'd give him proper love and care for life. She couldn't resist his cute nose and big eyes. My brother and I held him, realizing by my mother's actions, that we were finally going to get our wish. After an inspection of our home, Teddy was here to stay.

Adjusting to life with Teddy has been difficult, yet exciting. He is very excitable and loves everyone he comes across. He hops all over on his hind legs as people walk by. The way his ears perk up is adorable. However, we all had to get used to waking up and walking him as well as giving him time to play with us and time to cuddle and show we love him. We all agree that we wouldn't have it any other way.

Teddy took a while to get used to me, perhaps I remind him of someone from his past. Now, our relationship is stronger than ever. Since March, Teddy has taught me that it must be hard to trust someone you don't know, when someone before them hurt you. He has proved to me that time can heal wounds. He is a wonderful dog, and we are all grateful to have him in our lives.

Kristen Silary

Voorhees, NJ

Homeward Bound Rescue of NJ

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