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Daisy - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Daisy - posted 06/07/2006

From Emily of Wake Forest, NC

My husband and I found Daisy (formerly known as Sassy)on in December 2004 listed through the Davidson County Animal Shelter. Daisy's foster family had taken good care of her, so this isn't really a "rescue" story so much as a love story. I had always grown up a little bit afraid of dogs, having never spent a lot of time around them. Therefore, I was apprehensive the first time we met Daisy as to whether she would make a good pet. We took a couple of days to decide and returned to pick Daisy up a few days after Christmas. That Christmas was the beginning of a relationship I could have never imagined. The first month, Daisy and I enrolled in basic obedience training to get me "trained" to be a good dog owner. She was a quick learner and her confidence quickly rebounded in her new surroundings. In the past 18 months, Daisy has become a beloved member of our household and the happiness she brings to our lives is a something I could have never predicted that December day when we first met. In the past, my main reasons for not getting a dog included fur on the furniture and stains on the carpet. True, this comes with the territory of owning a dog, but the genuine and unconditional love from Daisy makes it a very small price to pay.

Emily Huddle

Wake Forest, NC

Davidson County Animal Shelter

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