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Duchess - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Duchess, a dog
Adopted from Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society, Bowling Green, KY

Duchess - posted 05/07/2006

From Catherine of Cottontown, TN

If there is such a thing as a canine soul mate, I found mine on two and a half years ago. It sounds like a cheesy romance novel, I know, but the truth is that when I saw her picture--among hundreds that I looked at--something deep in my heart moved, and I knew she was our dog. I Emailed the shelter to explain our situation, what we were looking for, what we could offer a dog, and asked if the dog I had seen, "Duchess" seemed like a good fit for our family. Immediately I received a knowledgeable, detailed response along with an invitation to visit Duchess at the shelter. I brought her home two days later.

When my husband saw Duchess for the first time, he said, "Honey, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but that's got to be the ugliest dog I've ever seen in my life." Two years later, of course, he denies this, as he now firmly believes that Duchess is the most beautiful creature to ever walk on four legs! He recently did an oil painting of her! In the simplest terms: He loves her. We all do.

Duchess is a member of our family, the same as any one of us, and as such she goes where we go: to the bank, to school to pick up our daughter, home to visit our parents in Kentucky, and even on vacation with us, to the beach. I cannot imagine my life without her now. When Duchess first came to live with us, I had trouble sleeping with her grizzly-bear-sized-snoring filling our bedroom and practically causing the bed frame to vibrate. But oddly enough, now I can't fall asleep without that sound.

And what about Duchess? Is she happy, too? What I can tell you for certain is this: Duchess never has to be leashed, because she simply follows where ever we go, and never leaves us. And in the mornings, when she wakes, before she even lifts her head, the snoring sound is replaced with a loud thumping sound, that results from her wagging tail beating the floor, as soon as she opens her eyes. In fact, it's that thumping sound that tells me it's time to get up!

It occurs to me that people who work with and for places like Petfinder, the local shelters, and animal rescue groups, do so because they love animals and want to help them. (I felt the same way when I adopted Duchess--I wanted to help her.) But the truth is that these kind-hearted, animal-loving people enrich the lives of people as much as they enrich the lives of animals. My life has been made better, happier, richer for having Duchess in it, and I am grateful to all who helped her along the way. So, thank you, all of you, who do this good work in the name of love.

Catherine Payne

Cottontown, TN

Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society

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