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Ellie - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Ellie, a cat
Adopted from S.A.F.E, Chester, VA

Ellie - posted 02/22/2006

From Angela of Highland Springs, VA

I had been looking for a new kitty to add to my home. For some reason none had struck me just right, that is until I ran across Ellie from the S.A.F.E Shelter. Her big blue eyes won my heart over in an instant. They looked so sad and scared. I felt horrible for her. A little scared for her, too. Then a wonderful lady named Debra from S.A.F.E filled me in on Ellie's story. Ellie was picked up in Virginia Beach with another cat named Simon. Ellie is a Seal Point Siamese that is a Hemingway (Polydactyl), meaning she has extra toes on her feet. Simon is a Russian Blue Mix. While at the Shelter in Virginia Beach no one adopted the two cats. The Siamese Rescue would not take Ellie because she was pregnant. S.A.F.E didn't care and wanted to take care of them both so that they were not put to sleep. Sadly, Ellie lost all 7 of her babies. I know that they would of been just as gorgeous as she is.

I take it Ellie had a pretty rough start at life. Ageing from some where around a year and ½, I knew that it was time to give Ellie a place that was safe and loving. I wanted to give her a real home; one that she would never have to be caged again and so close at losing her life. Some people just don't care. But some people truly want to make a difference. In my heart I knew that Ellie deserved a chance, as all animals do. S.A.F.E gave her that chance and me the chance to find her and bring her home for a new start in life. Ellie has been home since Tuesday June 28th, 2005 and she has won the whole family over already. From all that she has been through she holds no grudges. It's funny how animals can be so forgiving when humans can't be. They love no matter what; unconditional love. She's just so thankful and, believe me, she shows it. She has been from one persons lap to the next and from one bed to sleep to the next. She never goes too far away from any of us. She is enjoying all of the love and we are more than happy to give it to her. I know already that we don't own Ellie; she owns us and our hearts. We are so grateful to have her. Sad to say, though, that Simon is still with out a home and he is just as sweet as Ellie. Hopefully someone will give him a chance at a new life, too, with a happy ending. Thank you Debra (S.A.F.E). We love our Ellie and we know that Simon will get the home he deserves also.

Angela Thomas

Highland Springs, VA


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