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Rally - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Rally, a dog
Adopted from Clinton County Humane Society, Wilmington, OH

Rally - posted 12/04/2015

From Jane of Dayton, OH

We found our dog, Rally, at Clinton County Humane Society. When we first went in, he and the other dogs were all balled up in the corner and huddled up and wouldn't have anything to do with people. I literally had to drag him out of the huddle to hold him. Once I held him, he warmed up to me a bit. I knew he was the one. We were able to adopt him that same day. We took him home, and Rally and I formed a bond. At first, he didn't want anything to do with my husband but then he eventually warmed up to him. He didn't care for other family members except my mother. He really loved her. He would sit on her lap. She recently passed away from a stroke. We would take him to see her during her time in the nursing home and when she was under hospice care. Rally would lie on her lap and just look at her with his big brown eyes like he wanted to help her. He has this about him like if he could only talk. Rally is the best dog we have ever had. He's sweet, he's protective, he wouldn't hurt a fly, he loves other dogs, and he's cute as Christmas! We got the pick of the litter! Someone else's loss is our gain. My husband was never really an animal lover, but Rally has really touched his heart. I will truly be heartbroken if anything ever happens to my little guy. He's such a big part of our family.

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