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Knight - posted 07/10/2014

From Madeleine of Baton Rouge, LA

It began with a trip to the pet store and a stop in the small animal section because our hamster died of old age at 2. I saw rats and boy were they cute. When I had talked to my mom about them before, she had disliked the idea, but changed her mind when a little black hooded girl leaned up against the glass. That day we took home Valerie. After some more research, I convinced my mom she needed a friend- thus Vivianne came home with us. Several months passed, and a comment my grandmother made after handling my girls struck me- “I wish you had one that would stay still long enough to petâ€. My birthday was approaching, and I asked my parents for another rat. Since getting my girls, I had learned of a Rat Rescue not far from us, in Walker, a thirty minute drive. After I got home from vacation, we met Mrs. Darleen at her house, where she runs a small animal rescue and rehabilitation. We knew we were looking for a male because they’re generally less active than females, and he had to be neutered, limiting our choices a bit. My dad had wanted to see Kingsley, a sweet black and white boy. But after a discouraging try with Hiyu (another male), she asked if we would like to try Knight, who she had shown to us earlier. Though he had the lower half of his tail and some toes missing, along with an abscess on his neck, we decided to try him, and I’m glad we did! Within thirty minutes of introduction, all three were sleeping together in a pile. Now, I volunteer once or twice a week to help out, and we’ve brought home a total of six more since- all female, two with our previous mischief and four in a new mischief. Now we have Valerie, Vivianne, Knight, Tizzie, and Archer in the larger mischief, and then Elsa, Harper, Lita and Wren in the smaller. I’m so glad I adopted, and the second mischief started because my mom decided she wanted a rat of her own, and we came home with four!

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