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Photo of Josey Hwales, a dog
Adopted from Perry's Orphans Sanctuary Inc., Oakland, AR

Josey Wales - posted 03/12/2014

From Ralph of Yellville, AR

I married a woman in 2004. She owned a tiny toy poodle named Lily. I grew to love Lily like a child. I have 2 grown sons.

2 years ago my wife left me and won't let me see Lily. I had been retired for the past 3 years of our marriage and got even more attached to Lily.

My doctor talked me into getting another dog after my wife left and I was depressed. I called my Vet and asked him if he knew where a poodle similar to Lily might be. He told me that he had neutered 4 males that were abandoned and found at a trailer park. He said they were at Perry's Orphanage in Oakland, Arkansas. I took the long drive to Oakland that day. I really wanted a female, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to look. I contacted Perry before I left for Oakland so that he could check my references. Perry won't let just anyone adopt an animal. He has to be sure that they will be loved and taken care of.

By the time I got to Perry's he had talked to Dr. Snodgrass, my Vet, and he was assured I would be a good owner.

When I got there, I saw pets everywhere. But they all looked well taken care of. Perry met me and we talked for a few minutes. He told me my references checked out with flying colors. I asked where he kept the poodles. He told me they were in the house, and he let them out. There were 4 small poodles. 3 of the poodles took off running about. 1 white fuzzy poodle ran and jumped in my lap. I was toast! I loved him from that moment.

We now do everything together. It very seldom happens that I have to leave him home alone, but when I do, I can't wait to get back home.

I didn't rescue Josey. He rescued me. And I thank God every day for my little Outlaw Josey Wales.

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