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Mrs. Gary Nibblets - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted from Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society, Edina, MN

Mrs. Gary Nibblets - posted 01/29/2015

From Jess of Mounds View, MN

My family first saw our bunny on She was so cute! We read a LOT about rabbits before we decided to adopt. It was important to be sure a rabbit was the right pet for our family. We decided she was the bun for us so we adopted her from MCRS.

We named her Mrs. Gary Nibblets or Mrs. G or Gigi for short. We built her a house in our living room - it's a 4x8 cube condo with a second level and a sheet of vinyl flooring as the floor (just in case there's a spill!). Gigi loves to hop up on the second story shelves and check things out while she's in there and she's made it very homey by arranging her box and blankets and stuffed bunny in the condo in the way that suits her best.

Mrs. G loves to hop up on our couch and then hop up onto the top of the condo and survey her domain. She's quite the hopper and crawler, she has a long cardboard box tunnel that she loves to zoom through each day. Each morning and evening when we are home she gets to come out of the condo for a few hours and hang out with us. When we come over to her condo she comes to the door as if to say "is it time to come out now!? yippie!"

Gigi's very relaxed in our house and you will often find her just lounging on the carpet with her feet stuck out behind her superman style. She does like a good pet once in a while and likes to hop up onto you and check you out too.

Mrs. G has wonderful potty habits, she keeps a very tidy condo and uses the litter box in the living room very reliably.

She is enjoying lots of fresh veggies every day and is a great influence on our daughters Samantha (5) and Alexandra (8) who now ask for their own veggies at bunny-dinnertime.

Gigi gets a good variety of food and not too many pellets. She loooooves her timothy and orchard grass hay - she's a hay eating machine! We love having her in the family!

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