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Andy - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted from Alliance for Animals, Boston, MA

Andy - posted 01/29/2014

From Meredith of Boston, MA

I had lost my older cat, and was still not sure if I was ready to search for a buddy for my other cat when I saw Andy's picture. It was love at first sight! He was called "Buttons" at the shelter.

He was just sooo cute and fluffy! I actually made myself wait a weekend to make sure I had thought it all out, and was so relieved that he was still there after that.

Mr. Andy had been living outside for a whole year and was rescued by one of the people at the shelter. Thank goodness! He is still somewhat easily scared, but mostly he is pretty relaxed now. I just love him to bits! He also has this adorable habit of covering his food dishes. I think he doesn't want to smeall the food if he is not eating. I leave out paper towels for him, but he often accesorizes them with whatever toys are lying around. He is really quite the artist! Here is a picture of him with one of his creations.

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