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Sam - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Sam, a cat
Adopted from Fuzzy Pawz Rescue, Boise, ID

Sam - posted 01/14/2014

From Amy of Boise, ID

On a warm July day in 2013, Susan got in her truck and left her home in Winnemucca, Nevada headed to Boise, Idaho to visit her daughter. Susan, being the animal lover she is, was, of course, watching on-coming traffic but also watching the side of the road for wildlife. Within blocks of her home, she spotted a lump on the side of the road, got out to investigate, and found a tiny little kitten that fit in the palm of her hand. She bundled the kitten up and placed him in her lap knowing that her daughter Shannon in Boise could help as she was a foster parent for Fuzzy Pawz Rescue.

Once in Boise, the little ball of fluff was rushed to the vet. His eyes were glued shut with gunk and oozing from the corners; he was coughing, sneezing, and his little body was shivering. Seems he had a horrid upper respiratory infection, an eye infection, and he was only about 4 weeks old.

A week later, the baby was doing a little better and was transferred to foster mom Amy (that’s me) so he could grow as well as get strong and healthy before moving on to a forever home. I named him “Sam I Am†and found him to be the sweetest, most even tempered kitten ever; he just seemed to have a calming, gentle aura around him. Sam quickly proved my thoughts correct when he adopted Una, a stray kitten who wouldn’t let anyone near her. For 2 days Sam gently wooed her with his charms and gentle touches; then as if my magic the 2 were inseparable and Una followed Sam’s lead on which humans were allowed to be their friends.

At 8 weeks old, Sam and his “adopted kitten Una†went in to be altered/vaccinated so they could be placed in their new adoptive home. Things didn’t go that smoothly for Sam; while at the vets office, they found what they believed to be a cyst in his ear canal. When gently prodded, puss spewed out and it smelled horrible. Sadly for Sam, the family that had agreed to adopt Sam and his “sister†Una decided they could not adopt Sam because he had health issues. Una joined her new family and Sam was sent back home with me until he was at least 10 weeks old and big enough for surgery.

On September 13, 2013, Sam went under the knife yet again. Turns out he had a tumor growing through his ear canal towards his brain and it was way bigger than anyone anticipated. He also had an infection in his ear, both eyes, and throughout his sinus cavity all as a result of the tumor. Luckily, it was removed successfully and the vet believed they got it all. Within days, Sam was figuring out new ways to get his cone off and then both cones (soft and hard worn at the same time) off. He was bouncy, cuddly, and sweet despite the ugly incision, goopy eyes, sneezing, and coughing.

The vet determined that Sam most likely had FVR and said there was a strong possibility that the tumor would come back. During the next few weeks, Sam did his very best to warm the heart of Smudge, the senior cat who rules the roost in my home. This is no easy task, Smudge being ill her entire life also had been the victim of numerous cat attacks and no longer trusted others. Sam was not to be deterred; he would walk up to her, gently touch her with his paw and when she turned around and screamed at him, he would fall to the floor in front of her offering up his belly. When Smudge would attack him, he would do the same thing, fall down and roll over until she walked away. If Smudge was sleeping, Sam would gingerly walk up to her and cuddle with her. Every day he would push the limits just a tad bit further; ever so slowly you could see Smudge relaxing. Sam would touch her 2 or 3 times before she would yell at him, Sam would gently ease up to her food dish and steal a bite of her food; little by little she relaxed and he won her over.

Fuzzy Pawz Rescue had Sam posted for adoption during his healing process, but no one wanted a sickly kitten who was most likely was going to be ill and need meds his entire life; he has a chronic eye infection and has developed asthma. On October 29, 2013, I caught Smudge cleaning Sam’s face and then she let him sleep at the foot of the bed cuddled with her. So Smudge and I gave it up and made Sam a permanent member of our family.

Sam and Smudge are now inseparable; they sleep together, eat off each other’s plates and cry when one can’t be with the other. Sam has taught Smudge how to play (not a skill she ever had) and how to enjoy life; he brings a smile to the face of anyone who sees him. Sam is truly a blessing to me, Smudge and all who come in contact with his gentle soul.

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