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Adopted from Affinity's Rescue, Pardeeville, WI

Lola - posted 01/30/2014

From Emely of Milwaukee, WI

I lost my dog about nine years ago and with him a bit of my heart. I said to myself that I would not get another dog because the thought of losing them would break my heart, again. Until recently all that went out the window and at my heartstrings came tugging the urge to add a furry loved one. So I set out to find my furry soulmate which lead me from shelter to shelter.

With a couple disappointments in hand, I eventually landed on where I filled out the questionnaire, said a little prayer and hit the send button.

After about a month I saw a Boxer on Affinity's Rescue site in Pardeeville Wi. Upon contacting Linda, I found out there was someone interested as well and that she would let me know if the dog would still be available. Well, to my disappointment the dog was adopted.

Linda then asked me if another Boxer became available would I be interested without hesitation I answered yes, so she took down my information and said she would keep me in mind. Honestly, I never expected to hear from her. Some time went by and Linda did exactly that.

I thought my heart would stop, I was afraid to breath for fear it would fall through. It seemed that it took forever before we could get our schedules in sync so that I could see her. Finally, the week after the 2013 Superbowl, I took the two hour-drive in a raining ice storm to see her. Oh, who was I kidding, I took a blanket to keep her warm. I knew I wasn't coming home without her. After getting lost, we finally arrived at the home where she was being fostered. Nervously I rang the doorbell and where I was greeted by two smiling faces, Linda and her husband.

Along came trotting a black Lab mix puppy who tried to claim me for his own, but my heart had eyes only for my Lola -- that's what I call her. Her foster name was Jewel. She was shy skittish and underweight but, as the other pups were lead to their crates, she hesitantly sniffed at my hand and let me pet her. She sat quietly at my feet while a signed the paperwork, and I thanked Linda and her husband for bringing her to me and the light back to my eyes and heart.

That was on February 10, 2013, the day I found my furry soulmate. Every day since then has been filled with unconditional love, joy and adventure. My Lola has blossomed and is the picture of health and all who come into contact with her love and adore her. She's a smart, gentle, snow-loving girl. She has a tendency to look into the depths of one's soul when looking into your eyes as you caress her. Many are startled to find this when they meet her, including her vet, She was surprised to find that I'd only had her for two weeks upon our first visit. She said we were meant for each other. I agree. Thank you, Peffinder, for helping me find my Lola and bringing us together.

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