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Adopted from Found abandoned in park

General Lee - posted 11/25/2013

From Veronica of Galveston, TX

I was living in Houston across from a park where I took my pug for a walk everyday. One afternoon as I was walking him. I saw a puppy laying in the bushes at the edge of the woods next to the park. I walked over and saw that the poor guy was laying in blood and had been throwing up blood as well. He was wearing a collar but it had no identification and I realized that someone had just dumped him there rather than pay for a Vet visit (sadly over the years I found several abandoned dogs at that park). I picked up my pug and ran him home, grabbed a towel and my car keys and went and picked up the puppy and took him to my Vet. I knew even before the Vet did the tests that the poor guy had parvovirus, and I was correct... I started bawling because from what I know parvovirus is usually fatal in puppies, I thought for sure he would die. I was a college student and had no money but my Vet was an angel and said he would try to help him, but warned me that he odds were that he wouldn't make it...(sadly there is no cure for parvo, just fluids, painkillers, and liquid food). I came a visited him every day and when I would walk into the isolation room he was kept in he would immediately stat trying to wag his tail and lick my hand, I begged him to pull through and promised that if he did I would keep him despite my previous promise to my parents that I wouldn't get another dog. I remember the day I found out that he was going to make it through. I had just left my American history class where we were learning about General Robert E. Lee and I went to visit him at he vet before my next class. The Vet asked to see me and he was actually crying (happily) when he said that The puppy was recovering and was going to be OK! He asked for a name (I hadn't give him one before because it would break my heart if he had died) and the name General Lee (General for short) just popped in my head because of the class I had just come from... That was 5 years ago, and General has grown into the best, most loyal dog I have ever known. He went from skin and bones to the 105 pounds he is today (he isn't overweight, he is is just massive and tall). I moved back to my hometown of Galveston and now he enjoys going to the beach everyday to run and play fetch. I have never known such a happy and carefree dog and I am so grateful that. I found him that day. I still can't believe someone abandoned him when he needed help the most, but I am thankful that fate had me find him in the nick of time!

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