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Xena - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted from Better Days Animal League Shippensburg, PA, Shippensburg, PA

Xena - posted 11/25/2013

From Kirsten of Silver Spring, MD

Our dog, Xena, was taken into an [open admission] shelter in West Virginia as a puppy. She was rescued by the Better Days Animal League just in time, and moved to Pennsylvania.

We lived in Maryland and were looking for a doodle of some sort. I scoured Petfinder daily, trying to find the perfect family dog. We searched our local shelters and found a nice dog, but the dog didn't seem to care if we existed. He was fine, but distant - and not perfect for us.

Meanwhile Xena - then called Emma - was adopted by a family who then RETURNED her because she was, her owners said, "too needy." The dog who had never had a home and finally found one was taken back to the shelter because she needed love.

My thoughts of a doodle went right out the window. I put in an application and were offered an appointment to meet the dog.

When we arrived at the shelter, Xena was the smallest dog in her pen. A cocker spaniel mix, she was too big for the "small dog" pen and so small that, we discovered later, the bigger dogs had been stealing her food for months.

My boys, who were 6 and 3 at the time, walked her around in the country fields. She was happy, excited and incredibly bouncy - just like my kids. We couldn't have left her there if we'd tried. She literally jumped ONTO the desk as we signed her adoption papers.

And she rode on my lap all the way home. She is, indeed, a needy dog. She follows me around all day, gently and patiently waiting to be noticed. She can walk off leash next to me and always comes when called.

Within a few days, we realized that we needed her almost as much as she needed us. Xena has brought us years of pleasure and we couldn't be any happier.

Thanks, Petfinder & Better Days, for giving us such a wonderful family addition.

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