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Sunday - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted from Eleventh Hour Rescue, Rockaway, NJ

Sunday - posted 11/20/2013

From Bayley of Long Valley, NJ

Hello, my name is Baylee and I am 13 years old. This is how I got my dog Sunday. For 12 years every night I had prayed for a dog, it was all I ever wanted. On a crisp September afternoon, I went to PetSmart to visit the shelter dogs, the ones that need love the most. I was looking around when to sad brown eyes looked up at me from a crate. As soon as I looked at the dog, her whole body wiggled with joy. I just couldn't leave her like that, luckily neither could my family. When she came home, she was just sooo scared. She would crawl around the house and she wouldn't look up. Yet, she stuck to my side like glue. That winter, I was playing with her near a frozen stream when I slipped and broke my ankle. Right away she came to lay right next to me and lay her head in my lap. When she heard my mom coming, she ran to her and spun in circles and lead her to me. She has been my best friend forever and always. When I come home from school, she acts like it's the best thing in the world. I am so lucky to have this angel.

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