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Jackson - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Adopted from Kootenai Humane Society, Hayden, ID

Jackson - posted 11/20/2013

From Rebecca of Newman Lake, WA

We had visited the shelter before with no luck but decided to visit again on my daughter's birthday. I told her, "no pitbulls, German shepards, doberman's, or heelers." Well, there he was, pawing at the gate, a brindle coat, pitbull mix. Our hearts melted and I was forced to eat my words; he's most likely a mix of every dog I told her not to look for, and he's been the perfect companion, watchdog, and friend. He wakes the kids up for school in the morning by jumping on the bed and pulling off their sheets, then licking them in the face. He walks them back and forth to the bus, and barks when he hears anything suspicious. And better yet, hes gentle, well-trained, and fun to be around! What more could you ask for in family member?

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