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Adopted from Humane Society of Southwest Missouri, Springfield, MO

Tori - posted 11/11/2013

From Aimee of Springfield, MO

I was a volunteer at the shelter when I first came across Tori. She was very timid and hid in the back of her kennel. She shied away from all who touched her and did not walk on a leash. She refused to eat until she was starving which gave her this gaunt look. The workers there told me she had been there for two months already with nobody interested in her.

The next few months pass, and I visit Tori a lot, even when it is just to reach in and pet her, or try and get her to eat.

One day, I convince my boyfriend that we should bring our dogs in to see if Tori would play. They didn't, unfortunately, Tori hid in the corner of the meet and greet area. As we were leaving one of the staff asked me if we were interested in Tori, and I told them yes, she was a very good dog. She then proceeded to tell us that they were considering putting her down, as she was "unadoptable".

This spurred us into action. The next week, we brought both of our dogs in to meet Tori, and see if they would get along. Again, she hid in the corner, but we decided that since she wasn't aggressive and our dogs weren't aggressive towards her that we would bring her home.

Her fee was $45 that day, but our landlord demanded $500 for our third dog. So we've been paying that off month by month.

At first, Tori hated the outside, she would immediately hide under the porch and it was a pain to get her our. We eventually had to fence up the underneath so she wouldn't hurt herself again. She then took a liking to ALL the bushes in our yard. Refusing to come out at all. She also refused to eat, or leave any place inside that she considered safe.

Here we are, 3 months later and Tori goes outside all on her own! She doesn't play that well, but when she does we are so happy!! And boy is she quick! She is so very friendly and will sit with us on the couch and just lick us until we decide not to need a bath anymore. She eats next to the window now with the other dogs and will drink the water from the dog bowl!! She used to be afraid of the noise it made.

Tori still fears strangers, cars, loud noises, new objects, and the like. But we are seeing improvements everyday!! Little by little!! We are very happy we decided to bring her home with us, even if the financial aspect wasn't what we hoped! She is part of our family now and we love her!

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