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Photo of Jewel, a dog
Adopted from Barktown Rescue, Bardstown, KY

Jewel - posted 11/11/2013

From Jill of Ellicott City, MD

I was looking on Petfinder for another dog after our 16 year old Bearded Collie passed. I came across Jewel in Kentucky at Barktown Rescue. They had a member of their organization who was coming to Pennsylvania for the weekend, so she brought Jewel and I drove the 1 1/2 hours from Maryland to pick her up. She was at our house for the first night and escaped through a loose slat in our gate the following morning. I had no idea the slat was loose. I posted flyers all over the town and used the services of my invaluable next door neighbor, who informally runs a lost dog/lost cat service. She was called by a gentleman in town to say that Jewel had been on his property the last two mornings at 7:30am. We asked him if we could put up a feeding station and had the foster mother in Kentucky send a bed sheet that she and Jewel would sit on watching TV. We surrounded the feeding station with flour so we could see what kind of animal, by foot prints, was eating the food and in which direction the animal went. We also ripped up the bed sheet with the foster mother's scent and left it in the yard like Hansel and Gretel :o) Sure enough, Jewel appeared the next morning for the food. We then asked the owner of the house if we could put a trap up. He said yes and the first morning.....nothing. The second!! There's Jewel in the cage. She had been gone for 8 days! She has been with me "continually" for the last four weeks and is a real love. We are slowly bonding and she is living with an "older" adopted sister who is also a "neardie" - nearly a Bearded Collie!

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