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Photo of Sassy, a cat
Adopted from Natural Pet Center, Fargo, ND

Sassy - posted 11/11/2013

From Sara of Fargo, ND

We found our cat at Natural Pet Center in May of 2013. We had known about her for a few months prior to adopting her but because we lived in an apartment, we were unable to adopt her. It turns out, Sassy has been in the shelter since December of 2012 and no one wanted to adopt her because she was 8 years old. Like many people looking to adopt, we wanted a kitten but after going in and meeting Sassy, I couldn't resist taking her home and making her part of our family. I took a picture of her in her kennel and sent it to my boyfriend and told her that I wanted her. The great man that he is, he bought her for me - for our family. The people at the shelter told us that she was pretty shy and it would probably take her a while to warm up to us at home but she did really well in the shelter. She slept in our bed the very first night! (She is quite the bed hog!)

She is very pampered and gets lots of attention; especially from our 8 year-old daughter. She isn't thrilled with being held but she is more than happy to sit on your lap and keep you warm. She loves her freeze-dried treats and catnip!!!

Her name when we adopted her was Frieda but her "sassy" personality came through shortly after we brought her home and we changed it to Sassy. She has no problem letting us know how she feels - even if it is 4:00 a.m.

We love our Sassy and feel she has made our family complete. We are happy we were able to give her the forever home she deserves.

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