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Photo of Butters, a cat
Adopted from Steamboat Springs/Routt County Animal Shelter, Steamboat Springs, CO

Butters - posted 10/18/2013

From Huong of Langley, BC

Butters' life Journal:

I used to be a barn cat, running happily and freely in a large field. One day, as the teenager age, I was so excited to get into a cat fights, I got a bleeding nose, a bleeding ears. My owner decided I was a too much trouble cat so my trauma destiny started then, I was surrendered to an animal shelter at Steam Boat Spring in Colorado. Sitting in a totally new change environment, I became more matured more life experience and more affectionate to people who had given me a second chance for shelter and food support. Wow, what did I learn? I had learned to be adapted well in a new environment for better for worse. I had learned to live in harmony with all my new friends as we share the same experience from all circumstances. I looked serious in the picture that caught my adopted mama eye's , her name is Huong Pham. By searching for her son name Big Paws lost in Monument Valley Utah, she came across the picture of me one time. Three months later, she told me her hope to look for Big Paws almost fainted over the times, reading so many documentary about pet lost, she decided to adopt some one looks like her old son Big Paws but still do not give up her hope for searching my older brother Big Paws, she told me later after my presence appeared in her life. She was searching again and again, one more time, my picture appeared to her eyes. And then, my new life started from as the journey of 8 hours drive from a kind hearted couple name Susan and her husband. They stopped several times in snow to comfort me and gave me a temporary sleep overnight at their house, then, the next morning we were again on a four hours drive to Denver Airport when my data base on the list of Pet fly.com , ticket airplane paid by my mama. Another 3 hours flew from Denver to Salt Lake city to Seatac Airport. My new mama arrived at the warehouse at Seatac after 3 hours drive from Langley BC Canada to Seatac Airport. Another 3 hours drive at dark night all the way from Seattle to Langley, another 30 minutes waiting time for security check at the border between Bellingham WA and Langley BC.

Here I was welcome and learned to adapt to a forever lovely home. You see, God blessed me and my mama after all trouble and trauma of life. we are lucky to find each other with love and happiness. My life from now on will be full of love and sweet dreams with my mama. She bought and built for me a new condo premium terrace cat tree.

To be in love and lucky, I never forgotten all my friends at animal shelter and the caring staffs over there who had played a big role in my life journey, I wish all my friends over there will have a same or better future as me Butters so that together we can say : No More Homeless Pets. We are all angels on earth to make our planet a better place to live.

Thank you to all and thank you to my mama Huong Pham, Petfinder.com , especially the hard and dedicate work of Susan and her husband, Linda Strear Liman, and Kristina and other staffs members at Steams Boat Springs for all of these miracle happened.

happy Butter's tail story.

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