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Photo of Cody, a dog
Adopted from Golden Rescue™, Markham, ON

Cody - posted 10/16/2013

From Elizabeth of Courtice, ON

My story begins 8 years ago, when I moved from Kingston to Courtice, Ontario. I was perusing the Golden Rescue website, and decided to complete an adoption application. I received an acknowledgment e-mail which stated that it would likely be a 3-9 month wait and that I should be patient. I knew I was in trouble when less than 12 hours later, I was given a message that "Dale" had called about a Golden Retriever puppy. My first comment to her was "Please don't tell me that it's the pup with Addison's Disease" and the second was "Did you read "sucker" plastered all over that application?" And so my journey began...

After researching all that I could about Addison's Disease in dogs, I made arrangements to meet him. Cody as a young pup had survived not one but two Addisonian Crises, before he was relinquished to a pound at 5 months of age. He was then bounced around several pounds before coming into Golden Rescue's care at 9 months of age. We would be home number 6. He arrived at his forever home just in time for his first birthday.

He made fast friends with Casey, our resident Golden Retriever, though not so much with Riley, our Yellow Labrador Retriever. Cody was not without his challenges. He was like a kid with ADHD those first six months. Everything was like it was new to him. He was absolutely beautiful to watch run with the sunlight on his auburn fur and golden highlights. He took pleasure in the simple things, like cuddling up to my son Greg almost every night.

When Casey passed over to Rainbow Bridge in 2010, he was lost. He needed a playmate, and he found it in Sadie, who became his best girl, his soul-mate. Life was good. So it was unexpected when he vomited up a few kibble in the early morning hours of January 24, 2013. By 5 am I was rushing him into the After Hours Emergency Vet Clinic, and then transferred him to Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital with an Addisonian Crisis. Whatever happened next precipitated a cascade of life threatening events which led to ventilation, and ultimately renal failure; the perfect storm. TVEH allowed us to bring Sadie into the ICU to see her buddy.

Cody was euthanized late afternoon on January 30, 2013, with his boy, Greg, hugging him. I knelt beside Cody, and while stroking his magnificent head, told him that he was a good boy, that he was loved, and to go find Casey. It seems like only yesterday that I met this big lanky red retriever. I am grateful he picked me that fateful day 8 years ago. I has been an honor and a privilege to have been this boy's Mom.

We had an incredible journey that boy and I. He is missed. We love you Cody Odie!

October 20, 2004 to January 30, 2013

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