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Photo of Winston, a dog
Adopted from ROMP Italian Greyhound Rescue, Chicago, IL

Winston - posted 10/19/2013

From Erik of Schaumburg, IL

We made the decision, as a couple, to bring a four legged family member into our home. Without hesitation, we both wanted to adopt as furthering the puppy mill and backyard breeder business was not something we stood for and purchasing a dog from a responsible breeder would be selfish when so many other dogs out there need families to call their own.

We were dog people through and through, but deciding on the type of dog was a topic up for debate. He came from a family with beagles, I came from a family with Yorkies. After browsing the various breeds, taking quizzes, doing our homework, and determining what we wanted in our pet - we decided on an Italian Greyhound or Schnauzer. They are low to no shedding, have quirky personalities, make great apartment dogs, don't need too much exercise, and stay small their whole life. We found our way on Petfinder and to our surprise we saw him, his name was Winston and he was as unique as a unicorn. He was a Schnauzer and Italian Greyhound mix, fancy that. His photos melted our heart, we could see his personality shining through and we felt like he was destine to be the newest member of our family.

After an intense application process, we heard the good news - we made the cut and he was coming over for a home visit. We were never so nervous. Cleaning floors until they were spotless, puppy proofing our place and hoping that he would pick us! We greeted little Winston and he knew we were his family. Not only did we make the cut, we were cleared for adoption. A few signatures later, it was official, we were a family.

This little mill dog rescue was very shy at first but over the next few weeks not only did he warm up, he mastered potty training, passed his puppy classes and Canine Good Citizen test, and quickly became a very confident boy. Three years has elapsed since we adopted him and we couldn't imagine life without him. He is the goof behind of our laughter, the warmth under our covers, the love behind our heart and so much more.

They always say that you don't pick the dog, the dog picks you. We are so glad he picked us, our life wouldn't be whole without him!

A special thank you from all of us to ROMP Italian Greyhound Rescue for saving Winston and bringing him into our life. Although he picked us, he wouldn't have such an opportunity without your efforts!

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