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Cookie - posted 10/08/2013

From Trayce of New Orleans, LA

I am in the Coast Guard and had been stationed on a ship for the past 2 years. We deployed for months at a time several times over the past 2 years, so I had absolutely no way of taking care of any kind of pet. When it came close to transferring off of the ship to a new job, I began my search for a dog. I have wanted a Dalmatian for as long as I can remember, but the breed specific traits that come with them are something that I cannot handle as a single person working a full time job. My goal was to find a calm adult Dalmatian mix that could handle some time alone while I work without tearing up the apartment. I started bookmarking some of the Dalmatians I saw that I wanted to inquire about. Every dog that seemed like he/she would be a good fit for me got adopted by someone else before I was able to. Other rescues did not like the idea that I lived in an apartment and worked a full time job. Finally, after yet another dog fell through, I had given up on finding my dream Dalmatian. I looked for a Greyhound rescue instead and decided to adopt from them. I filled out an application and on the day I was supposed to meet the dogs, the adoption lady called to tell me she was sick and needed to reschedule. I looked at the Dalmatians I had left in my favorites and decided to try one more time before going to the Greyhound rescue. I asked ADORE Houston about Cookie. They responded right away and told me that she might be what I'm looking for! Cookie is a liver spotted Dalmatian/Labrador Retriever mix and may have some Pointer as well. She had been found wandering the streets of Houston as a stray in January and may or may not have just had puppies when they found her, but they didn't find her with any. With no place to foster her, they had no choice but to put her in a boarding facility where she remained for almost 9 months! After talking with the rescue, I decided to fill out the application immediately. I met one of the rescue volunteers half way between New Orleans and Houston where I picked Cookie up. She was a bit overweight from being in the boarding facility for quite a while, but she was perfect! I have now had her for almost a month and she really is exactly what I was looking for! I don't think that she had ever been in a home before because she wasn't housebroken, but she learned in 2 weeks. It has been pretty easy to train her because she is very willing to learn. She loves her crate and does not tear anything up while I am at work. She really is a dream come true for me! Such a joy to have in my life!

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