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Photo of Storm, a dog
Adopted from Saskatoon SPCA, Saskatoon, SK

Storm - posted 09/28/2013

From Nicole of Hudson Bay, SK

We had lost our family dog to a sudden drowning and were heart broken. As a family we decided to adopt a dog who deserved a second chance at having a family to love and appreciate them. We took the 350km visit to the Saskatoon SPCA where we found our Bi Eyed husky beauty. Her story was heart wrenching. The shelter called her "Larica" but she now goes by the name Storm. Larica had been brought to the shelter with numerous other dogs. She was pregnant, infested with fleas and someone had shot her in the face and then did a horrific repair with screws leaving the shrapnel still in her jaw. The shelter thought it best to abort Larica's babies so they could focus on fixing the damage to her jaw. When we learned of this sweet husky's story we had to have her no matter what the cost then and what the future costs could entail. Storm has been an amazing addition to our family. At first it was a difficult journey as she spent time to herself in another room and didn't warm up to us right away. Storm had some trust issues and was nervous of everything. It is a journey we were all in together and no matter what as a family we promised to make sure she was going to feel apart of something. My 3 and 8 year old children were so patient with her as was my senior girl our 10 year old lab/boxer. Storm now 7 months later enjoys her time laying on the couch getting plenty of hugs and pets. She also enjoys the 40 acres of property she has to roam safely and know every inch of her home. Storm is never far from our side and loves the van rides to town. It is a fantastic feeling to be able to give an animal a second chance at a great life and at the same time to teach your children the importance of adopting as well.

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