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Lola - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Lola , a cat
Adopted from Fat Cat Rescue, Mountain View, CA

Lola - posted 10/14/2013

From Julie of Burlingame, CA

I had not had a four-legged pet since 2003, because many apartment managers won't allow it.

Once I moved, I came to the realization that I wanted a black cat. We had one growing up, so I was particularly interested in getting a black kitty. I did not want to deal with the high maintenance a young kitten would require, though they are adorable.

When I went to the Petfnder site, it let me select the type of animal friend I thought best suited me, and my environment.

One day, in 2011, I started my search for a black, female, domestic shorthair adult cat.

This brought me to FatCat, and to the bio of a cat that became the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.

I saw pictures of ("Sunny"--I have kept this name as her middle name), a beautiful, shiny, four year old black cat that had the most brilliant yellow/green eyes that just begged for a furever home.

I fell in love as I read her bio that described how she was part of a litter (she has a twin brother named Scott), born just outside the window of the former CEO of Sun Microsystems, Scott McNealy.

A kind-hearted Administrative Assistant (name unknown), had heard the precious mewing of the kittens, and would put food out for the little feral family. If I could meet her, I would give her a hug. :)

A few weeks later, FatCat Rescue was called to take the cats in. The mother was named Solaris, another male sibling, Sparcy, but these two, unfortunately were too feral to be tamed. They were spayed and neutered, and released. There is a nice woman that puts food out for them.

My girl, Lola (then, Sunny), and her twin brother, Scott (yes, named after McNealy), had personalities or, purrsonalities if you will, that indicated they would be adoptable.

I was not able to have more than one kitty, but I hope to one day be able to afford to adopt Scott (the cat, not McNealy), so Lola can have company when I'm not home, but company that is also family.

I did the 'Foster-to-Adopt' program that allows you to make sure the cat is a good fit to your personality, environment, family, etc. I highly recommend going this route, especially when looking to adopt an adult furry friend.

One really sad, unbelievable factoid I learned: Black cats (and black dogs) are the last to be adopted, and the first to be euthanized...because of the color of their fur. Superstitions have stories of evil witchcraft, bad luck, etc. Also, some people do not find black animals as cute as animals with 'Interesting markings'. This saddens, and shocks me, but I also realize how those people are missing out on some of the most rewarding, loving companions ever.

It is for that reason, that my BFF (Best Furry Friend), was in the shelter (luckily a no-kill - FatCat), from the time she was eight weeks old, until just after her fourth birthday, when I adopted her. Yes. Four years old. Any other color, and she would have been adopted a lot sooner. Also, many people want kittens. Kittens and puppies have a much easier time (save for the black ones) finding furever homes. Most people do not want an adult animal with an already-formed personality.

So, while Lola shared her life with other cats for four years, I am glad I get to share my home with her.

My cat adjusted extremely well, and she, now six years old, is very loving, highly intelligent, funny, brave, inquizitive...I can list a myriad of positive adjectives.

I have taught her about 20 words...many are food-related, of course, and she comes when I call her (usually, to save me from a scary bug), greets me at the door when I come home, snuggles with me at bedtime, and if I'm sick, etc.

The best thing about my cat is that we share a mutual appreciation. I know she appreciates a home where she gets loads of attention, love, respect, and treats...we cannot forget the treats!

In return, I truly appreciate that she has made my place, our place, a home...a home that always makes me feel loved, as I smile when approaching the door after a long day...I open to a happy meow, and a kitty that rolls over so I can gently rub her belly, as she purrs.

So, I thank the unknown Administrative Assistant that fed my cat's family. I thank FatCat Rescue for rescuing this feline family (and seeing the wonder that is Lola). I thank PetFinder for having such a great service!

Finally, I thank Lola Sunny. That middle name, Sunny holds a different meaning for me as she is a bright spot in my life that keeps on shining.

Thank you for allowing me to share.

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