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Sprocket - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Sprocket, a dog
Adopted from Oswego County Humane Society Inc., Oswego, NY

Sprocket - posted 08/27/2013

From Tamara of Phoenix, NY

Our story starts on a sad note. We woke up on Christmas morning 2011 to find our beloved pooch, Max, had died during the night. He was 13 and we knew his time was limited.

The days that followed were sad and empty. Walking into our home without a wagging tail to greet us was difficult and we knew we wanted to welcome someone new into our lives.

We decided to search for a rescue. It is the best decision we could have made. While perusing your site, there he was. The face drew me in and I immediately sent the photo to my husband. We agreed he was the one.

We called to find out more about him and found that he started out with a sad home life. At only four months old, he had been an outdoor pup with no name. NO name! How could that be? This little guy with such personality had no name? Born in September and left outside until January, he craved attention and loved to be loved. He was exactly what our family needed.

Sprocket has proven to be loving and loyal and truly loves his people. He has more expressions than I can list and has fit into our family like a glove.

Thank you, Petfinder! We think Sprocket may need a sister. We will begin our search right here!

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