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Photo of Baxter, a dog
Adopted from Loving Paws Adoption Center, Crocker, MO

Baxter - posted 08/27/2013

From Sara of Lebanon, MO

My husband and I were engaged when we thought about getting a dog. I went onto petfinder just to look around, not seeing anything for days. Then one day I see a picture of this cute little black dog with his tongue sticking out. I just fell in love. A security guard at my work actually knew about the dog because his police department he worked for was called to pick up this dog plus others from a home that they couldn't care for. I called the shelter and scheduled a day to come out. We went out looked at SOB( Baxter) and we both just liked him so much. We paid for him that day and told he we would pick him up tomorrow morning. We went to WalMart and got toys and food and a kennel. The next day we picked up our little boy and we have had him for 8 months and still love him every minute! We did change his name because we didn't like SOB and he never answered to it. I think he likes his new name. Baxter or Baxie!!!

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