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Photo of Max, a cat
Adopted from The Pride Rescue, Hamilton, ON

Max - posted 08/24/2013

From Dorothy of Waterdown, ON

Max and Baxter were both born outdoors and are shy kittens who will need some work. Max more so than Baxter who really enjoys being held and petted. They are both gentle, but would require a slow introduction to the home, as will hide and run initially until they feel safe in a new setting. Both kittens would require at least a week, possibly 2, isolated to one room while getting to know their new family, they are not the type who will instantly adjust and feel comfortable, nor will they be instant lap kitties, this will take time, gentleness and lots of handling. They are both sweet and playful, they both adore other cats and with time will both make absolutely wonderful little cuddle companions.

Does this seem like too much work for you?

I chose MAX!!! he is the friendliest cat in the whole world!!

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